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Susan Underwood
Physical Therapist
Founder & Owner

Susan is a 1967 graduate of The Ohio State University where she received her Bachelor of Science and Physical Therapy degrees. 

Her dedication to helping patients led Susan to continue her education and training.  Susan specializes in craniosacral therapy, lymph drainage, visceral manipulation, somatoemotional release and pediatric physical therapy.  She also utilizes manual therapy in conjunction with the Feldenkrais Method, Alexander Technique, and muscle energy techniques. 

Susan began practicing in Nashville in 1976 at The Pain Center at St. Thomas Hospital.  She opened her own private practice in September 2005.  When she is not busy treating patients, Susan enjoys walking, playing tennis and playing with her grandchildren. 


Susan is unique as a physical therapist due to her passion for the self-corrective capacity of mind, body and spirit.  What started with years of conventional medical training in anatomy, physiology, biology and psychology, evolved into an integrative holistic approach to healing.  She states, “I’m grateful that the path I am on includes both the science of medicine and the art of healing!”

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